Thursday, June 3, 2010

Android C2DM

Google recently announced a new feature for Android called C2DM. If you don't know what this feature is I suggest you watch the keynote from I/O day 2. You can read more about what C2DM actually is here.

Developers were given a chance to sign up to trail this new feature. Naturally I applied and this morning I received an email stating I had been accepted. The email mentions the account will be ready in the next day or so. Looks like I will need to wait until at least the weekend to play around with the feature.

Below is a copy of the email I received for my invite.

Thank you for your interest in Android C2DM. We've accepted your
application for the trial. We added the role account you requested to our
list, and you can start using it to send messages to Android 2.2 devices
in the next day or so.

For more information, you can read our documentation and sample code at

If you have questions or feedback, please visit the group at

If you want to change the role account used for sending messages you can
reply to this email.

AC2DM Team

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Bobman said...

cool blog.

I'm not a developer but am a software tester by profession and now a proud Android fan.

If you ever need help testing out an app somehow let me know.