Monday, May 10, 2010


Yesterday I released a new application to Android Market called DigiFrame. DigiFrame is a simple application that streams Flickr photos directly to your Live Wallpaper (sorry pre 2.1 users).

You can view random images or even images related to a specific genre ie cars, sports, android etc... This evening I added support for Flickr accounts so you can view your own public photos or even other people's photos.

I'm not much of a photographer myself so I enjoy viewing the random results however viewing your photos can be quite satisfying. As you can see, the random search can return some interesting results.

The application is still in BETA so if you have any suggestions please contact me. Like wise if you find any bugs definitely let me know so I can fix them. One person reported they would like to skip photos so I added a doubletap feature to the settings screen. If you don't like the current photo simply doubletap the screen and a new photo will be displayed.

Support for other photo sites such as Picasa are coming soon. Along with an updated feature set for the Settings screen.

Finally I know the images don't scale to fit the entire screen. This is an area I'm currently debating how to handle. Personally I prefer the current letter box effect so I may add an option that allows you to choose the desired scaling method.


Rich said...

I like the DigiFrame app, so far. I am curious as to how much it will eat my battery, will be playing with that. Your link to Official Page from appbrain (probably on market too) was wrong, didn't sent to blogspot, but blogpost or something...

Keep up the good work, can't wait for Facebook integration!

Jason Tomlinson said...

Thanks for the blog link typo. I have fixed the url so it points to the correct website.

Battery usage will depend on the update frequency. The wallpaper sits dormant most of the time so I wouldn't expect to see a noticeable impact on battery life.

Nick Sub said...

Hi Jason.
Great idea for an app but I can't get it to retrieve my Picasa account. When I enter my username (nick.a.aronson) and click "get albums" it says "error searching for account name, please tr again".

This is on a T-Mobile Pulse running Android 2.1.

Grateful for any help. Nick

Jason Tomlinson said...

Hi Nick,

I received an email from another user who was having similar issues. Digiframe actually has a bug in the Picasa logic so once that is fixed I will publish an update in Android Market.

Tim said...


I really like the potential this app has, but since I don't ever put anything on Picasa/Flickr/Facebook/wherever that is world-readable, it doesn't do me much good as-is. What's the feasibility of adding a password for the settings to the sites so it can grab my private photos (since there aren't any public ones)?

Longer-term, it might be nice to be able to exclude certain albums from the list, but that's not a must-have now.

Thanks for working on this app!

Jason Tomlinson said...

Tim I would love to expand DigiFrame but I just don't have enough spare time at the moment.

Those are great ideas and I have put them on my TODO list. Along with the other 100 ideas ;(

My apologies for taking so long to reply.

Anonymous said...

What would be nice too is access to picasa albums via the rss link
that way, no authentication required and security (you should have the link to a private album)