Friday, May 21, 2010

Android 2.2 aka Froyo

For any developers who have been living under a rock for the past couple of days you may not know that Google have released the Froyo sdk.

Go and download it, plus make sure you check out all the exciting new features. Froyo is know as API level 8.

Monday, May 10, 2010


Yesterday I released a new application to Android Market called DigiFrame. DigiFrame is a simple application that streams Flickr photos directly to your Live Wallpaper (sorry pre 2.1 users).

You can view random images or even images related to a specific genre ie cars, sports, android etc... This evening I added support for Flickr accounts so you can view your own public photos or even other people's photos.

I'm not much of a photographer myself so I enjoy viewing the random results however viewing your photos can be quite satisfying. As you can see, the random search can return some interesting results.

The application is still in BETA so if you have any suggestions please contact me. Like wise if you find any bugs definitely let me know so I can fix them. One person reported they would like to skip photos so I added a doubletap feature to the settings screen. If you don't like the current photo simply doubletap the screen and a new photo will be displayed.

Support for other photo sites such as Picasa are coming soon. Along with an updated feature set for the Settings screen.

Finally I know the images don't scale to fit the entire screen. This is an area I'm currently debating how to handle. Personally I prefer the current letter box effect so I may add an option that allows you to choose the desired scaling method.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Android Market Spam

Anyone who uses Android Market is well aware of the people who release 20 versions of essentially the same product. One example is releasing a sports application for each team in the competition instead of bundling them all together into one application. These people relentlessly release updates effectively burying any other product in the "Just in" category. I enjoy browsing "Just in" but damn I get finger scroll-itis when one of the offending parties releases ALL their products at once.

Well it seems we have reached a new low of spam in Android Market. One particular group have decided to spam market comments of other applications. If you have used Android Market recently you will have no doubt seen these comments. I have little faith Google will actually do anything but even if they do it is too late since the product is now in etched into the top 10.

I firmly believe they should remove them from the Market for a certain time frame, maybe a week. Clear their ranking so they can work themselves up fairly like the rest of us. But like any issue with Android Market the matter will have no official response. Even a simple "We are working on fixing x, y, z" would be helpful but don't hold your breath.

Now I am not one who usually rants since Android Market is a work in progress. I can understand technical issues take time to fix but this type of spam needs to be dealt with a swift blow. If not we'll see a whole slew of others following suit very soon.