Monday, April 19, 2010

Amazed 2 Free

Amazed 2 is now available in Android Market for free. The free version is ad supported while the the non-ad version is still available for 99cents.

Amazed 2 was originally released on 15th June. The 99c version has done alright, although nothing spectacular. If I had more spare time it would definitely be worthwhile implementing some updates I have written(untested though), but for now I am relegated to bug fixes.

Hopefully the ad supported version can spur some life into the title and give me an opportunity to keep the game fresh. I am using Mobclix for my ad provider. If they work out for me, I will write-up a follow up post on how to implement them in your own applications. Likewise if they don't work out I will let you know why.

If you have any feedback for Amazed 2 please get in contact.

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