Sunday, March 28, 2010

At the end of last year I changed jobs. One of the complications with doing this is obtaining a new Visa so I can legally live and work in the United States. After a holiday back home in Australia while waiting for USCIS to process the paperwork I was finally able to return to the United States at the beginning of February.

Since my return I have been working on the new Android application at On Thursday 25th after roughly 2 months of development we launched the beta version to market.

This has been a complete 180 from my previous employment working at Hands-On Mobile. While I worked on some applications my primary focus was on game development. After working on licensed titles such as Guitar Hero, World Poker Tour, Call of Duty, Hulk it is welcome change to work on something "you own".

If we want to add a new feature, we can. If we want to trial something, we can. The turn around is much faster than having to ask a 3rd party for permission before doing something. This allows development ("me") to spend more time working on real features instead of replacing minor elements to keep someone else happy.

Don't get me wrong I loved working on games but after 5 years it is a welcome change to try something new.

The official release of for Android is coming soon!

Don't worry, we are not releasing this to market and forgetting about it. We will continue to improve the application and add new features. If you have any feedback about the application please get in contact and I will see that your voice is heard.



Wow! What is the release date? Are you looking for beta testers?

Jason Tomlinson said...

The application is available now in the Android Market.

We are not specifically looking for beta testers but please feel free to send feedback after you have used the application.

I should note that is currently only available to United States and Canadian users.

William said...

Well... it would be neat if I could actually download it, but the email from match has a broken link. and i cankt find it in the market...

Jason Tomlinson said...

William I will look into the email content.

For now the easiest way would be to search for in Android Market. Apologies for any inconvenience.

gdoherty0102 said...

I am with William on this...I have tried getting this app many different ways. First I use and they send me a link and I click download now, it takes me to the market and says it can not find it. Second I search for in the market and find nothing. Third I use a website that gives me a bar code and I scan that and it takes me to the market but can not find it. I have a Verizon account and a HTC Eris if that helps any. Please let me know if there is any further information on this.

Jason Tomlinson said...


can you retry searching the market? We launched a new version which provides support for Android 1.5 (OS version the Eris was shipped with on Verizon). I believe a new update is available which would put you on 2.1 so you may want to look into that as well.