Thursday, November 6, 2008

Poker League

Since arriving in America last year I have been learning all about Texas Hold 'em. At work we have a league going where people play for points instead of money. This keeps its fun as well as encouraging new people to have a go.

The existing tracking system involved a wiki page and an excel spreadsheet. I thought this would be a perfect project to play around with databases and native widgets in Android. Until now most of my Android experience has been gaming related which revolves around drawing everything yourself. It would be a welcomed change to use native widgets and xml to build an application.

Creating a basic menu system was very easy. Most of my time has been spent learning what attributes I can use in the xml files. I will post some screen shots after I clean up the design, at the moment everything is black with white text.

Once I have it fully working the next step will be to interface with a remote database so anyone can view the poker league results.

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