Tuesday, October 28, 2008

UK Launch

If you have an app up on the Market you will have received an email informing you of the upcoming UK launch. If you want your app available to UK customers you need to log into the market back end and select the new check box that has appeared. As more countries release Android phones I imagine you will have a seperate option for each country.

Publishing options

Here is a copy of the email for anyone who is interested.

"Hello Android Developer,

Congratulations on having your application on Android Market. We hope you
have been receiving many downloads of your app and some good feedback as
well. As announced by T-Mobile earlier this month, Android Market will
also launch in the UK on October 30th at 7am GMT. So beginning Wednesday
evening PDT, apps will be shown on the G1 devices in the UK. By default,
any application currently in Market will be shown in both the US and the
UK Markets.

Please be sure to do the following between 8am PDT and 5pm PDT on
Wednesday October 29th if you do not want your app in both the UK and the
US Markets.

Go to http://market.android.com/publish, edit your application(s) and
simply uncheck the box for the location you do not want your app to appear

Please look at your EULA again and make sure that it will work for the UK.

And again if you want your app to be in both the US and the UK Markets you
do not need to do anything.


The Android Market team"

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