Monday, October 27, 2008

Market Bug

I am sitting here in frustration. I have a new build of "Amazed" to upload however the Market backend gives the following warning "Upgrading this application will cause its ratings and comments in Android Market to disappear temporarily. We are working on this issue and previous comments and ratings should reappear soon." I really don't want all my comments and download numbers to disappear. Looks like I will just have to wait until the Market is fixed.

Changes from v2.0.1 -> v2.0.2
  • I fixed the level 2 crash bug, previously if you went straight down the screen the application would crash.
  • The screen now stays on, I had set my screen timeout to 10minutes so I never experienced the pain of the screen going off half way through a level, oops.
  • Another new feature is random vibrations, provides quite the challenge when you are navigating through small pathways.
  • I played around with the speed characteristics like people suggested but the game jut doesn't feel the same. Since the screen is so small it became very difficult to make the marble's acceleration and its current speed work well together. I will look into it again another time.

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