Saturday, October 25, 2008

First Day

Welcome to my first blog post, ever! Yes I'm sure that's hard to believe in today's computer age but its true. You have most likely been directed here through my open source game "Amazed", available on Android Market.

I initially started out writing a simple tester app for the Accelerometer. After realizing how much fun it was, Amazed was born later that afternoon. Since then I have cleaned up the code and open sourced the game via the apps-for-android project.

I hope to have plenty of interesting information (or random, you can decided for yourself) to post about but I would like to keep the first post short and sweet.......


cilv1 said...

Hi Jason

I can't find the source code of your game "amazed" on the website

Could you tell me how to get it ?

Thanks a lot!

Jason Tomlinson said...

Sorry for the delay I totally missed your comment.

Here is a link to the source